How To Activate Windows 10 Home?

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Instructions For Windows 10 Home activation;

1) Go to Settings> Update & Security

2) Click Activation

3) Click “Change Product Key”.

4) Enter your product key received from us.

5)     Your activation will completed after inputting the key but if your Error Code is “Error Code: 0xC004C060”, or something else please send us a Ticket from HERE for replacement. We will respond you via email within working hours with a new key or a solution for your activation problem.

If you received an “Error Code: 0xC004C008 please follow the instructions below.

6)        Some computers’ activation centers can not connect to the internet and they may give you an error after you input the key so in such cases we have to choose to activate Windows offline.

7)       Please press “Windows key + R” together and type “slui 4” select your country and click next.

8)      Then you will see Installation ID which is 63-digit numbers, now you can submit your Installation ID from our Get Confirmation ID page:

Remember, sometimes servers are stuck so if you can’t get your Confirmation ID within 30 second please refresh the page and submit again.

If you’re not able to get your Confirmation ID from the system please send us a Ticket from HERE.

9)      After receiving your Confirmation ID, you can enter your Confirmation ID, and your windows will be activated.

If you need a Windows 10 Home key you can purchase it from HERE with instant delivery and the best price!

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will have a 7-days warranty after your purchase in case of any problem with the keys so it is recommended to use your product key within the warranty period.

You can find ISO file from here for download Windows 10 Home:

Thank you for reading!