How To Activate Windows 10 Pro?

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Here is the instruction for activating the Windows 10 Pro:

1) Go to Settings then click the “Update & Security” tab.

2) Click the “Activation” from the left menu.

3) Click the “Change Product Key” button to enter your product key.

4) Enter your product key.

(If you have Windows 10 Home edition after inputting the key if you receive error during edition upgrade please restart your computer, it will upgrade your edition even if you received an error.)

5)     Your activation will completed after inputting the key.

However if you receive any Error Code like “Error Code: 0xC004C060” or something else please send us a Ticket from HERE for replacement.

We will respond you via email within working hours with a new key or a solution instructions for your activation problem.

If you need a Windows 10 Pro key you can purchase it from HERE with instant delivery and the best price!

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will have a 7-days warranty after your purchase in case of any problem with the keys so if you have any problems with the activation please send us a Ticket from HERE within the warranty period.

You can find ISO file from here for download Windows 10 Pro:

Thank you for reading!